About Us

The telecommunications companies of yesterday remain inflexible, ill at ease in an age of converged technology, and utterly incapable of providing world class service. We are not them. They are neither our model nor our aspiration. Rather, our focus is on you: Helping you transform the way your business works; helping you raise the performance of your company and gain an important and sustainable competitive advantage.


West IP Communications is a forward–looking, knowledge–based company founded with a singular vision: To unite and deploy the most powerful business technologies ever devised via a scalable, on–demand, cloud–based communications platform; one capable of delivering a complete and continuously advancing package of unified communications services and applications. The evidence is clear: regardless of industry, leading organizations leverage communications tools in ways that outmoded telephone companies cannot hope to accommodate.

We are a subsidiary of West Corporation, a multi-billion dollar, technology-driven communications provider, which allows us to leverage the most powerful communications technologies available on the market to bring powerful solutions to our customers. West’s Unified Communications division, which includes InterCall, brings together the world’s largest conference and collaboration service provider with our leadership in next-generation application aware networks and cloud-based telephony services. These synergies create an entirely new category of provider in the enterprise communications segment.

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