The Road to Unified Communications begins here

No matter what field you’re in, effective communication is essential to your continued success and revenue growth; it provides employees with the tools they need to work efficiently – while also empowering them to communicate, collaborate and securely access applications wherever and whenever they need.

Migrating from an antiquated on-site PBX to a hosted unified communications solution can initially appear to be a daunting challenge. Our extensive experience tells us that successful journeys begin with an evaluation of your goals – i.e. what do you hope to accomplish? That, added to a review of your current status, lays the foundation for a Gap analysis where we can help you bridge the distance from where you are to where you want to be.

Top Business Drivers
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The Top Business Drivers for Unified Communications


Review your goals

What kinds of improvements to business processes are you trying to achieve? Are you looking to expand by adding offices or locations? Do you want to boost your customer service levels? Take some time to make a list of reasons to make an investment of unified communications. If you need some guidance, refer to our whitepaper “The Top Business Drivers for Unified Communications” to see what has led other companies to UC.


Review your current infrastructure

If your hardware is end-of-life or your contracts with your service providers are coming to an end, it’s a perfect time to engage in an upgrade to your communications infrastructure. Do a thorough audit of all aspects. Determine the level of amortization is applicable to previous investments and whether your CFO needs you to squeeze a bit more life from them.


Get an evaluation from West IP Communications

Our skilled solution design teams can discuss your needs with you to determine if West IP Communications offers the kind of solution that best fits your needs. From there, we’ll craft a migration plan to help you achieve your goals on time, on budget, and with the kind of support that will free your team to focus on strategic challenges.


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