Have Fewer Meetings. Collaborate Instead.

Meetings, the way most of us have meetings, are the enemy of collaboration and progress.

Too often they are black holes in time where people are unengaged, frustrated, and uninformed. Unified Communications helps to harness the power of your team to increase speed, agility, and effectiveness. Conferencing gives way to collaborating – actually engaging with others in meaningful and productive ways.

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Rise of the Collaborative Enterprise


No One Gets Things Done Alone.

We need each other to make great things happen. When teams are spread out across time zones and geography, the right technology can do more than simply bring people together, it can facilitate different ways to share information in real-time. It can help ensure that real understanding is commonly held – and that’s when great decisions get made and the seeds of action are firmly rooted.


The right tools to support you at every step

True engagement and collaboration doesn’t always require all the fancy bells and whistles. But it does require that the right content can be shared in the right way at the right time. Sometimes, that can happen with a quick audio-only call with 3 or 13 people on the line. Other times, when the number of attendees increases and the content is complex, it’s best to have ready access to powerful web-enabled sharing capabilities. And there’s nothing like video to keep everyone engaged with the task at hand and away from multi-tasking.


Our tools need to be as mobile as we are.

With more than half of us working from out of the office at least some of the time, your team needs access to a broad range of Unified Communications tools wherever they happen to be. The best solutions are those that translate well across devices so that an executive on the go can simply access audio and web content. Mobile applications should also allow for control over call routing, management and unified messaging, bringing voice and text messages together for easy retrieval and management.

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