Secure. Productive. Diverse.
We just upped the ante on real–time communications.

AMP is a multi–channel awareness and presence platform with features that allows users to exchange information and collaborate effectively—from instant messaging and group chat to voice calls and file sharing. AMP’s user–based tools are designed to allow consistent presence visibility and communication access to reach the right people across the network in an efficient and effective manner, enabling higher levels of productivity and accessibility.

As enterprises adopt more complex and bandwidth intensive communications, they need more efficient and expedient paths of communication, particularly among distributed organizations and those with remote workers. Moreover, these companies are moving away from internet-based instant messaging clients like AIM, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, which introduce security and performance issues to corporate networks.

We sought to fill the communications and security gaps with a new tool to help streamline dialogue and sharing, giving workers more direct, responsive and time sensitive interactions. AMP ensures company-wide security and compliance through a private solution that is purpose-built for the enterprise.