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Enterprise Call Routing & Management + Sophisticated Contact Center Tools

ControlMaxx delivers a powerful set of tools that put you in total control of call routing across the enterprise. Combined with sophisticated contact center functionality, ControlMaxx ensures that incoming callers reach the resources best able to meet their requirements – first time, every time.

World class organizations must be agile enough to adapt quickly to changing business conditions, handle unpredictable or seasonal call volumes, meet and exceed customer service expectations and adhere to corporate governance policies. Traditional telephony and on–premises contact center offerings just don’t deliver the agility and real–time control that an enterprise needs to stay ahead of the pack.

ControlMaxx is different: Cloud–based, with unlimited scale of users and call handling capacity, it provides administrators and agents the tools they need to ensure excellence in customer service.

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Drive Quality and Productivity

ControlMaxx is designed to help the enterprise contact center achieve both quality and productivity goals. Sophisticated call routing capabilities put administrators in control of call flows across distributed centers and agents, ensuring callers reach the resources best able to serve them the first time and every time. Administrators benefit from total transparency of queues and agent activity and are able to manipulate traffic across queues in real–time.

Invest Wisely

Cloud economics can deliver real business value to the enterprise. By deploying the ControlMaxx solution you can reduce or eliminate the need to purchase, upgrade and maintain complex on–premises systems and reduce the load on help–desk and support staff. User based pricing models and the on–demand nature of the application help eliminate over–provisioning and over–spending on infrastructure and services, resulting in more rapid integration and enhancing agent productivity.

Integrate Business Processes

Understanding that your customers have high expectations for service delivery and are intolerant of delays and inadequate services, ControlMaxx has been designed to enable voice & data to be integrated into enterprise business processes and applications. Incoming call and caller provided data can be used to provide intelligent call routing and integration with the applications and services an agent needs to deliver a high quality customer experience.

Stay Nimble

ControlMaxx provides a flexible, scalable solution that moves at the pace of your enterprise. Contact center managers will experience the flexibility of real–time queue management, adding or removing users from queues as call flow dictates, and to accommodate high traffic periods or busy seasons. ControlMaxx also allows you to build distributed contact centers, incorporating facilities based and home workers all with full access to tools with centralized management and reporting.

Ensure Business Continuity

ControlMaxx provides unlimited scalability of services, delivered from highly resilient, secure application servers located in geographically distributed data centers. The application provides a powerful set of business continuity and disaster recovery features during times of critical need, allowing for on–the–fly changes. ControlMaxx is further backed by our 24/7/365 NOC for continual proactive monitoring, giving you the peace of mind that you are always safe and protected.

Not every contact center employee needs the same features, so ControlMaxx gives you two service options:

ControlMaxx Standard

Designed for day–to–day ControlMaxx users, the Standard package provides:

  • Sophisticated, flexible call flow management tools
  • Queue and agent monitoring in real-time
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Agent Desktop Client
  • Ability to define a screen pop
  • Capability to manage Disaster Recovery, Caller ID Overrides, Hold Music, Session Tags and Sounds.

ControlMaxx Advanced

Designed for contact center managers and those requiring advanced analytics, ControlMaxx Advanced offers all of the features of ControlMaxx Standard, plus:

  • Multimedia Queuing including voice and chat
  • Monitor DID, Queue, Whisper, Barge
  • Queue call recording
  • Screen capture recording
  • Chat log
  • Chat with agents and customers when chat queuing enabled