It’s Time to Rethink Corporate Networks

A typical corporate network, built piecemeal over a number of years, can hold back the deployment of applications and services that drive business growth. It’s time for Maxxis, an application aware network solution optimized for the delivery of real-time communications, centralized applications and cloud-based services across the enterprise.

The Maxxis network solution will allow your enterprise to deploy a converged, all-IP network as a fully managed infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility and resiliency. Maxxis offers flexible service delivery, utilizing multiple Tier 1 carriers to ensure wide geographic coverage, a complete choice of network interfaces to suit business needs and a level of resiliency not found in single-carrier networks.
Maxxis provides a comprehensive tool set to manage your business applications and delivers full visibility into performance, from router and switch to network core. Maxxis provides intelligent application-based routing, sophisticated management and unprecedented network performance in a single MPLS solution.

Maxxis Application Network
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A Managed Network, not a Managed Router

Is your data being prioritized to the specific business needs of your company? If you’re not sure, chances are it isn’t, which is hindering you from maximizing the performance of your network and the employees using it.

With Maxxis, the network is used to its full potential. You work with West IPC to prioritize traffic based on your business needs, and we completely manage the QoS Prioritization going forward. We do more than just send predetermined protocols to your routers, we fully monitor and manage then entire network for you, while allowing you complete visibility, transparency and access at any time.

Maxxis gives you:

  • The ability to provide heterogeneous network using the best possible carrier connectivity
  • A fully managed network, NOT a managed router solution
  • A fully survivable, dynamically routed network infrastructure from a single provider
  • Complete network design, configuration, installation, management and maintenance
  • Reliable support from a Cisco-certified NOC
  • Maxxis is more than just MPLS. We go beyond the requirements of a traditional corporate network to provide you with a solution that not only provides your enterprise with the best network connectivity available, but allows you to concentrate on strategic IT tasks while West IP Communications manages the network from day to day.

Maxxis is more than just MPLS. We go beyond the requirements of a traditional corporate network to provide you with a solution that not only provides your enterprise with the best network connectivity available, but allows you to concentrate on strategic IT tasks while West IPC manages the network from day to day.

Maxxis Network Map

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Maxxis Network Monitor

Network Transparency should come standard

Network Monitor is a complete WAN management system adapted from IBM Tivoli & Solarwinds applications, giving you the ability monitor the real-time performance and health of your entire network infrastructure. With Network Monitor you can easily manage hardware, circuits, and VLANS, run utilization reports for all network infrastructure elements, control performance and fault management with ability to customize thresholds and alerts, monitor and manage the performance of applications and servers and optimize the performance of your network.

» Enterprise Network Management. As enterprises make the shift to cloud–based applications, the reli­ance on a high quality data network is more important than ever. But IT departments need more from their service providers than just “circuits”. They require a solution that provides them real–time visibil­ity and control with proactive monitoring and status alerts.

» Deeper Visibility. Network Monitor is a fully–managed service that provides a power­ful set of network management tools, offering real–time, in–depth, network performance statistics for circuits, routers, switches, servers and any other SNMP–enabled devices. Maxxis Network Monitor also supplies statistics, trends and reports about your IT infrastructure, allowing you to know the health of your entire network at any time.

Maxxis Network Monitor offers user–centric views, like the IT Execu­tive Summary, delivering a simple but detailed summary of network performance statistics. The dashboard view provides a snapshot of network–wide utilization and availability, application-level metrics and location–level/device–level statistics—all in real–time.

» Empowering the Enterprise. With Network Monitor, an enterprise IT department is always aware of network health and stability and other conditions pertinent to the delivery of data, communications and applications. And since Maxxis Network Monitor is a managed service, hosted and delivered by West IPC, IT teams can focus on business–critical tasks, instead of supporting yet another application.

» Stay Secure. Maxxis Network Monitor provides clients an interface into the same system used by our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). Maxxis Network Monitor combines proprietary network event correlation with one of the fastest and most sophisticated event management systems available, delivering proactive network management ser­vices for the entire enterprise infrastructure. With enhanced features available like advanced event and status alerts, IP address manage­ment, Netflow traffic analysis and application and server perfor­mance management, Network Monitor keeps IT teams informed of network health, giving them visibility into the services being delivered.

Advanced Features for Improving Productivity
and Operational Efficiency

Network Monitor delivers best of breed features to provide IT managers and executives with the data they need to make critical business decisions about their network infrastructure.

Performance & Fault Management Comprehensive set of performance, fault management, and network availability tools to ensure that your network is always running at peak performance, by monitoring performance management metrics of any SNMP – enabled device, including routers, switches, firewalls, and servers. Delivers a unified view into the performance of all nodes and interfaces on your network through a single web page, allowing you to monitor metrics like bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards and quality of service.
Point & Click Controls Remotely view network fault, availability and performance information through detailed graphs, tables and lists. Simplify network issue investigation with drill down maps and Top 10 views of your global network.
Advanced Alerting Quickly and easily configure powerful network alert engines to respond to a variety of network scenarios, correlated events and sustained conditions. Helps network administrators recongnized and correct issues before users experience performance degradation or availability issues.
Cisco EngeryWise Monitoring Cisco EnergyWise encompasses a highly intelligent, network-based approach to communicate messages that control energy between network devices and endpoints, focusing on reducing the energy consumption of all devices connected to a Cisco network. Gives you a framework for discovering, monitoring, optimizing, advising and regulating energy needs for your business.