Maxxis Application Aware Network

A typical corporate network, built piecemeal over a number of years, can hold back the deployment of applications and services that drive business growth. It’s time for Maxxis, an application aware network solution optimized for the delivery of real-time communications, centralized applications and cloud-based services across the enterprise.

The Maxxis network solution will allow your enterprise to deploy a converged, all-IP network as a fully managed infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility and resiliency. Maxxis offers flexible service delivery, utilizing multiple Tier 1 carriers to ensure wide geographic coverage, a complete choice of network interfaces to suit business needs and a level of resiliency not found in single-carrier networks.

Maxxis provides a comprehensive tool set to manage your business applications and delivers full visibility into performance, from router and switch to network core. Maxxis provides intelligent application-based routing, sophisticated management and unprecedented network performance in a single MPLS solution.

Maxxis Network Map

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Maxxis is changing the way enterprises communicate. What can it do for yours? Find out below:

The Maxxis Difference

Maxxis is unlike anything you’ve seen in enterprise networking. We manage the network for you, right down to each endpoint, while giving you complete visibility. Learn more

Maxxis Network Features

With an expansive network footprint created by combining best-of-breed networks nationwide, Maxxis brings your network together on one easy-to use platform, backed by world-class West IPC support. Learn more

Maxxis Network Benefits

Using advanced QoS management, network redundancy and sophisticated monitoring, Maxxis will change the way your enterprise does business. Learn more