What is Unified Messaging?  One Box to Rule Them All – Email, Voice, & Messaging

Unified Messaging (UM) is defined as the integration of varying electronic messaging and communications media (i.e. email, fax, SMS, video messaging, voicemail, etc.) technologies into one combined interface.  With UM, all types of messages are stored in one complete system.

In other words, Unified Messaging is a group of tools within a Unified Communications platform that ensures you never miss a voicemail, fax, or message. For most, the email inbox is the center of the communications universe. Unified Messaging allows you to gain access to voicemail and fax messages from your email inbox—anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Voicemail to Email

West IP Communications’ voicemail service converts the voicemails you receive into digital sound files sent to your inbox as email attachments, so you can manage them from your PC.

Advantages of this service include:

  • Being able to check voicemail while checking your email
  • No additional call into the voicemail system is required
  • The option to see at a glance – who called, the message type, and the length of the message
  • The ability to forward voicemail files to any other user via email—whether internal or external
  • The capability to check voicemails – even when you don’t have access to your inbox – either through a secure web portal or by dialing into the voicemail system from any phone

DirecFax: Receive and Send Inbound and Outbound Faxes Directly from your Computer

Most enterprises find the fax machine a necessary evil. Employees find them difficult to use, slow and archaic, they waste paper, and they’re just another piece of equipment for IT to troubleshoot and maintain.

With DirecFax, you can:

  • Eliminate the traditional fax machine
  • Experience the convenience of receiving and sending faxes from your computer, quickly and easily
  • Have inbound faxes delivered as emails for quick and easy viewing
  • Print faxes as image files
  • Send a fax from any program on your computer

With DirecFax, you can treat faxes as image files within any program. This, in turn, gives you the ability to send a received fax as email, or you can include or attach it into any document.  For example, you could file an invoice received through DirecFax in your accounting system, so all of your related data can be filed and found easily in its proper repository.

With Unified Messaging tools from West IP Communications, businesses can benefit from greater user productivity resulting in improved client responsiveness.  Additionally, these tools allow for flexible message management, and give employees the ability to access their messages in a variety of ways – anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

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