Unified Messaging

There are countless variations of unified messaging available in the marketplace today. Unfortunately, many are complex, expensive and beyond the reach of most enterprises. We’ve has taken a different approach.

For most, the email inbox is the center of the communications universe. Unified Messaging gives you access to voice mail and fax messages from your email inbox—anytime, anywhere and on any device. There´s no need to learn complicated new interfaces, and you can immediately begin realizing the benefits of unified messaging.

Voice Mail as E–mail

Go beyond traditional voice mail to take advantage of a converged IP environment, providing you with the flexibility to use and manage your messaging service from anywhere and over multiple interfaces.

Our voice mail service converts voice mails into digital sound files which are sent to your inbox as email attachments, so you can manage them from your PC. You can check voice mail while checking your email instead of having to make a separate phone call into the voice mail system. You can see at a glance who called, the message type and its length. You can even forward these voice mail files to any other user—internal or external—via email. Of course, you can also check voice mails even when you don’t have access to your inbox, either through a secure web portal or by dialing into the voice mail system from any phone.

DirecFax – Fax inbound and outbound from your computer

Most enterprises find the fax machine a necessary evil. Employees find them difficult to use; they waste paper and they´re just another piece of equipment for IT to troubleshoot and maintain.

With DirecFax, you can finally eliminate the traditional fax machine, and experience the convenience of receiving and sending faxes from your computer, quickly and easily.

Inbound faxes are delivered as e–mails for viewing and optional printing as image files. Even better, you can send a fax from any program on your computer—if you can print it, you can fax it.