A new meaning of ‘Work from Home’

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is defined as a business location that only exists in the cloud, using services and equipment hosted offsite at a service provider’s site.  This kind of office setup allows business employees to work from anywhere using devices like laptops, cell phones or IP desk phones with an internet connection.

What does it mean to have a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides communication and traditional office services without providing dedicated office space.  For a monthly fee, your business can acquire a virtual office that includes the following for each single location or remote employee:

  • IP phone service
    • allows calls to be received as a member of hunt groups or queues
    • allows local, long-distance, and four-digit extension calls to be placed
  • Access to Phone Control Web portal
    • for click-to-call corporate and personal directories
    • provides voicemail management
    • offers call-handling options like:
      • forwarding
      • call-screening
      • find-me/follow-me functionality
  • VoiceMaxx voice services integration
    • delivers an end–to–end hosted solution with fully-managed voice services and on–demand applications without an on–site PBX
    • provides services such as:

Why should your company utilize Virtual Office Services?

In today’s technology-driven business landscape, an increasing number of organizations are using the flexibility of remote workers to reduce real estate costs and to expand their employee talent pool by removing geographic constraints. With the right set of tools, remote workers can function as effectively as employees working from an office space.

Virtual Office allows remote workers to connect to their corporate infrastructure from their home or small offices, making them extended members of both the data and voice network.  Furthermore, Virtual Office data connectivity allows for secure Virtual Private Networking (VPN).  This service provides remote employees access to corporate data resources such as applications, databases, email, and file repositories. Using their own broadband internet access (cable, DSL, satellite, etc.) remote workers have greater access to the resources they need, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity.

Virtual Office Solutions to meet your Company’s Needs

To provide flexible and customized virtual office solutions for each unique business, West IP Communications offers enterprises a number of ways to connect and empower distributed team members:

» The Small Office bundle includes:

  • Enables branch offices with 2 to 3 users to maintain VPN connectivity through a West IPC-provided router
  • Provides each user with West IPC phone service
  • Ensures prioritization of voice and data traffic through the provided router over general Internet traffic, to enhance bandwidth performance through Quality of Service (QoS) settings
  • Functionality and capability can be extended even to home office employees

Virtual Office is the Answer:

  • It’s ideal for single users since it provides full data and voice connectivity to the corporate network or allows them to act like an independent corporate office where appropriate.
  • It’s ideal for small remote offices because it enables full voice and data connectivity to the corporate network.
  • It provides secure, remote access to network resources like applications, databases, email, and file stores.
  • It extends all the benefits of VoiceMaxx to each and every remote employee.

Whether you’re in the process of establishing a new business or in need of virtual office services for your existing remote or offsite employees, West IP Communications has the solution.  Partner with West IP today to meet your present and future virtual office services and communications needs.

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