The Cisco Edition of Our Flagship Voice Solution

For companies that prefer Cisco environments or require a larger-scale or international deployment, we offer VoiceMaxx CE (CE = Cisco Edition). VoiceMaxx CE incorporates and extends the capability of the Cisco HCS voice platform, making it the best replacement for Cisco Call Manager and easily integrates with applications like WebEx.

VoiceMaxx CE is designed for those that want the benefits of West IP Communications VoiceMaxx cloud–based, on–demand services, including full PBX functionality, advanced call management tools, unparalleled client support and service, and also need to provide their user with an end–to–end Cisco® Unified Communications and collaboration experience.

VoiceMaxx CE, which includes Cisco Jabber, helps drive down the costs of communications while providing users with advanced feature packages designed to enhance accessibility, mobility and productivity. VoiceMaxx CE integrates with various Cisco collaboration products, providing a comprehensive Unified Communications solution.

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St. Elizabeth Physicians
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Key Benefits to VoiceMaxx CE

VoiceMaxx CE includes Cisco HCS but extends the value beyond the HCS license by incorporating solutions and services exclusively available from West. Benefits of VoiceMaxx CE include sophisticated call routing and management, 24×7 expert support from Cisco-certified engineers in our state of the art NOC/VOC, and application integration with complementary solutions from Google, Microsoft and

» Integrate and Collaborate
VoiceMaxx CE integrates a complete suite of Cisco–centric services and applications like conferencing, messaging and presence, integrated with business tools employees use every day, such as Microsoft Office and WebEx.

» Increase Efficiency
VoiceMaxx CE provides unlimited calling capacity (in/outbound), on a converged network solution that efficiently utilizes bandwidth and scales to accommodate bursts in calling activity.

» Enable Mobility
VoiceMaxx CE gives mobile users access to a powerful set of personal call management tools along with hoteling capabilities, personal conferencing and mobile client integration.

» Experience Service Excellence
There is no one–size–fits–all solution, we work with our clients to solve their urgent problems and at the same time, show them how to use technology to transform their business.

» Reduce Costs
VoiceMaxx CE provides a Unified Communications solution hosted by West IP Communications, thereby driving down the cost of maintenance, deployments and upgrades.

» Flexible Solution
VoiceMaxx CE provides a customized solution for any type of user. Whether the user travels the world or works from one location, there is a solution for all.

VoiceMaxx CE also provides:

  • Flexibility. Like VoiceMaxx, VoiceMaxx CE gives customers the option to choose from service packages designed for Cisco environments that align service level with price:
    1. Premium Package: For users with a need for a high level of accessibility, mobility, and specialized features
    2. Standard Plus Package: For users requiring personalized functionality with added features
    3. Standard Package: For general users requiring some personalized functionality
    4. Admin/Reception Package: For administrative, reception and department assistants
    5. Limited Use Package: For a limited use line necessary for point to point
  • Unlimited calling capacity, both inbound and outbound.
  • A converged network solution that efficiently utilizes bandwidth and scales to accommodate spikes in calling activity.
  • Unlike on-premises Cisco Call Manager and other PBXs, there are no capacity constraints.
  • Save money by not over-provisioning and over-buying of infrastructure and services.
  • Includes Cisco Jabber and easily integrates with Cisco WebEx.
  • Competitive local, long distance and international rates.
  • Receive upgrades of the latest Cisco technology without having to purchase additional equipment.
  • Complete management call routing across the enterprise.
  • Monitor calling activity across the enterprise in real–time.
  • Customized billing options that allow for flexibility in the way that invoices are presented across the enterprise.
  • Unlimited moves, adds and changes.
  • One web portal to access and manage all administration needs.
  • A NOC that is staffed continuously with 100% Cisco-Certified engineers becomes an extension of your IT team, integrating our processes and knowledge into the way an enterprise works.
  • Among the highest customer retention and satisfaction rates in the industry.
  • Best–in–class customer experience.
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