Conventional thinking will not drive business growth. No ordinary PBX will deliver the accessibility, mobility and productivity tools that an enterprise needs to thrive. In today’s demanding business environment, your communications infrastructure needs to leverage the cloud. VoiceMaxx allows an enterprise to transform and shape their use of communications technology with a suite of cloud-based, on–demand services including full PBX functionality, advanced enterprise and personal call management tools and leading edge Unified Communications features. VoiceMaxx drives down the costs of voice communications while providing users with advanced feature packages designed to enhance accessibility, mobility and productivity along with sophisticated tools that give IT administrators an unrivaled degree of flexibility and control. VoiceMaxx services can be fully integrated with a client’s existing IP or legacy TDM infrastructure where required, preserving investments already made in telephony infrastructure and providing a seamless enterprise-wide solution.


No two enterprises are alike, so why would you use a stock voice platform?

With VoiceMaxx, each user is assigned a service package aligned to their specific needs. User types are flexible, billed on a monthly basis and can be adjusted as business and user needs change.

  1. Premium Package – For executive level management, sales, and account executives with a need for a high level of accessibility, mobility, and specialized features.
  2. Standard Plus Package – For general interoffice staff requiring personalized functionality with added features for enhanced productivity, mobility and call manage¬ment.
  3. Standard Package – For standard in–office employees requiring some personalized functionality, but who do not need the complete suite of services for daily business use.
  4. Admin/Reception Package – For administrative, reception and department assistants receiving a high level of control of incoming calls.
  5. Limited Use Package – For lobby areas and break rooms and contact center agents who only need point to point communications



Already a Cisco Customer? Get VoiceMaxx CE.

If you already operate in a Cisco-centric communications environment, you can enhance it with the cloud-based capabilities of VoiceMaxx CE.

Learn more here.


Bring Your Own Bandwidth-(BYOB)

An alternative to our premier network solution – sometimes a smaller organization can make do with an existing broadband connection as a transport mode for voice services. Learn more about the minimum WAN performance requirements to support high quality voice over IP services.

Learn more on BYOB


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Our focus on enterprise communications has taught us that there is no one–size–fits–all solution. Connectivity, scalability, user adoption, service visibility, monitoring, analytics, reporting , service and support integration – these are all things that need to be taken into consideration. Our highly skilled solution design teams have assisted many large enterprises design and deliver successful network and voice service transformations.

When you’re ready, please contact us for a free consultation on how VoiceMaxx can change your enterprise.