For many years, West IP Communications was a voice in the wilderness, building awareness for the notion of hosted enterprise communications solutions. Even at our founding, we understood the long-term implications – and significant business benefits, that accrue with hosted solutions. The environment has continued to evolve, to the point where hosted solutions are mainstream in their acceptance while communication options have evolved beyond voice and email. There are now many different tools at an organization’s disposal – but to get the most out of those tools, does the hosted model still make as much sense?

Industry veteran Zeus Kerravala has just published a new whitepaper on exactly that question, The Top 10 Reasons to Consider Hosted Collaboration Solutions. Kerravala provides real-world examples of significant business benefits that arise from hosted solutions – not simply retreads of existing arguments. Beyond that, he offers concrete steps to follow for any business embarking on, or well into, the deployment of collaboration solutions. They include:

  1. Consider a hosted solution at least to augment your current deployment.
  2. Evaluate hosted collaboration solutions from several providers
  3. Start the deployment small, using a controlled pilot

Read the paper for yourself. You can find it in its entirety in our Resources section under the ‘Whitepapers’ menu option. I think you’ll find it to be a quick and very insightful read!


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