Technology to drive customer service

For many enterprises, the move to a cloud-based communications infrastructure is driven by a need to enhance Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities. The disaster recovery features included in our cloud based-communications applications provide redundancy and failover capabilities unavailable in traditional communications systems.

Specifically designed for Cisco and Avaya environments, Disaster Recovery and Survivability (DRS) is a first to market solution that provides complete redundancy for SIP Trunking customers. DRS removes the costs and complexities generally associated with implementing a Disaster Recovery infrastructure by giving customers an integrated suite of cloud-based call control and unified communications tools.

Most West IP products include a disaster recovery feature, and we work with every client during the implementation process to create a solid business continuity/disaster recovery plan, which can restore and protect critical enterprise communications should a disaster occur.

West IP Communications Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery solutions: