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As a leader of the corporate IT department, you’re charged with providing the enterprise with the best communications possible at the lowest cost, limited by what is given to you from up top and struggling to do a lot with a little. You are looking for a way to provide world-class technology but not deal with the day to day mundane details of managing it, rather, you want to be able to focus on strategic tasks that make your department more valuable to your company.

What is driving your move to cloud-based Unified Communications?

» You Need a Better Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
Research shows that enterprises can lose an average of $11,000 a minute when their communication systems are down, and as an IT manager, it becomes your responsibility. Cloud-based UC provides redundancy and failover capabilities, and we work with you to provide the best failover for your needs.

» You Are Managing Multiple Service Provider Contracts
Managing and maintaining multiple carrier contracts can be a drain on the IT department. If contracts are due to expire or you want to just have one bill for your entire communications system, we can help.

» You Have Outgrown Your Existing Equipment
If you’re still hanging on to a PBX , you’re behind the game. IT departments switching cloud-based technology can experience greater flexibility and scale, saving the enterprise money and making them look good.

» You Need to Expand or Enhance Your Customer Contact Center
Contact centers are often hindered by the limitations of traditional communications technology – their call volume is capped, their abandon rate is high and their bottom line is affected. Cloud-based communications provide a scalable, powerful infrastructure that removes those limitations.

» You Are Experiencing Service or Equipment Outages
When unreliable equipment or service outages begin to negatively affect your IT department, it’s time to look at a cloud-based communications solution. West IP Communications services are deployed on an industry-leading technology platform, delivering a consistent quality of service and a skilled support team.

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