Delivering Better Care Through Better Communications

In no other industry is technology changing business processes like it is in healthcare. Those advances pose a unique set of opportunities and challenges as healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, medical research facilities, strive to:

  • Improve collaboration and innovation
  • Deliver better patient care and services
  • Keep costs low

In the healthcare field, effective, timely communication is paramount; but a key challenge in modernizing healthcare communications is cost. Making advances even more difficult is a lack of available IT resources. Other issues to consider include security, mobility, reliability and quality of service. The increasing interconnectedness of physician’s offices, diagnostic centers and hospitals has created the potential for continued, significant gains in the quality of care provided.

In response, many healthcare organizations are rising to the challenge by implementing services hosted in the cloud. Frost and Sullivan predicts the U.S. healthcare cloud market will reach $3.5 billion by 2020.


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Hosted Communications Benefits

With hosted services you can sidestep costly, upfront capital expenditures. And you can easily manage services without full-time, dedicated personnel.

Unified communications delivered through a hosted or cloud-based platform is transforming the way different elements of the healthcare industry communicate with each other.

» Better Quality of Care
Enhancing communication drives better interaction between staff and patients and better collaboration among medical professionals.

» Improve Business Processes
Hosted communications allows healthcare companies to become more efficient and productive by transforming workflow and improving operational effectiveness.

» Deliver Better Customer Service
From contact centers to face-to-face interaction, the healthcare field is built on serving people. Hosted communications applications can greatly improve the customer experience by giving healthcare companies better contact center processes, enabling mobility and making critical staff more accessible.


90% of all patients calls are resolved at the first contact. Average patient hold times have been cut in half.

Mergers and Acquisitions Causing Growing Pains?

The last few years have seen explosive growth in the healthcare industry – especially in the area of mergers and acquisitions. According to Thomson Reuters, the healthcare industry led the entire US market in M&A activity.

Too many health-care organizations leave themselves susceptible to the common M&A kryptonite: IT infrastructure. Here’s a great article on how you can cope: Maintaining Your IT Vitals During a Healthcare M&A.

West IP Communications Makes the Difference

As the first provider of cloud-based hosted communication to the enterprise, West IP Communications has more than fifteen years of experience helping healthcare companies close the communications gap and improve their flexibility, agility and execution.

We provide a comprehensive suite of hosted communications applications, refined to meet the demanding needs of the healthcare industry. Our solution roadmap begins with an innovative foundation – the Maxxis Application Aware network – and includes cloud-based contact center combined with hosted voice unified communications solution. For healthcare companies, West IP Communications delivers a custom configurable portfolio of innovative tools that can transform the way your company communicates.


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