Provide top service form your contact center

Within the travel industry, communication with customers is paramount to converting sales. Minimizing the overall communications spend to impact bottom line operating costs helps these companies generate satisfied customers who reach representatives in their local calling area as well as reduced operating costs, such as long distance calling and faxing, to those customers.

We understand that by enabling unified communication across the enterprise, travel agencies can experience increased collaboration, continuity and communication between sites and improved call center efficiency through use of smart monitoring and routing tools.

We have experience with geographically dispersed travel agency call centers, providing fully managed solutions that eliminate finger pointing among agents and sites. With West IP Communications, every call is always answered. Call Management, call reporting, and call routing allow you to manage agents measurably better, at any location — whether it is at work or home-based sites.

Our solutions are easily scaled to the fluctuating needs of enterprise travel agencies. Cloud-based applications assist you in reducing the need for excessive hardware, lowering capital cost and total cost of operation (TCO).

West IP Communications can:

  • Improve customer service by efficiently handling calls using our ControlMaxx platform, ensuring no busy signals and making agents more readily available.
  • Make it easy to add new locations by operating on a cloud-based infrastructure. Updates and changes to the system can be handled by our NOC, eliminating the need for expensive engineers.
  • Increase productivity for end-users, IT staff and the enterprise as a whole by providing anytime, anywhere access to telephony features for mobile workers, efficient call-handling features and call-center productivity through voice calls, e-mail, and interactive Web sessions.